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Though our family has been in the storm shelter industry for over three generations, we have been a family owned and operated business for over 5 generations dating back to the late 1800’s. The family business back then started with pumping septic tanks. Each generation followed suit, taking great pride in hardwork, a firm handshake, and even manufacturing their own pumping beds. It wasn’t long through the generations that the ready mix business was started in Arkansas. Now offering ready mix cement, septic tanks, and still pumping tanks. In 1995, the first Fain Storm Shelter was produced. This unit was a septic tank with a door, measuring only 4’7” with a house ladder. Although based out of Arkansas, the majority of sales for storm shelters were in West Tennessee. This prompted their move to Jackson,TN in 1999, with one truck,one tractor, and three storm shelter molds. Our family devoted years of researching and keeping up with the latest codes and standards to not only stay above the standard, but to make sure they always offered the best for your family’s safety. As time evolved more models were produced and notebook sketches turned into certified blueprints. By the early 2000’s our family made the move to our current location on Highway 70 East, Jackson,TN. What started as a large cotton field turned into one small building with an office that opened its doors in 2001.

Our office, buildings,models,and family have grown tremendously since 1995. We now offer over a dozen different models in concrete shelters, septic tanks, and a steel safe room that was designed and patented by the Fain’s in 2014. As the generations continue to grow, so does our family business, with each new generation evolving and contributing what they believe keeps our company above the standard. As the current running generation we still hold strong to our family’s values, a hard days work, firm hand shake, and integrity of our family business. It is our hope to always make the generations that came before us proud in every way. – M & J

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