Concrete Storm Shelter Models

Underground Shelters – We offer three different sizes on our underground models. All underground shelters come with a handrail on the inside and out, set of stairs and a door shock to aid in lifting the door.

Hillside Shelters – We offer 4 different sizes on our Hillside Shelters. These shelters are the perfect match for any family as they are handicap accessible.

Above Ground Shelters – We offer 4 different sizes in our above ground units. These units are the perfect fit for a family who does not have a hillside or is looking for something to put closer to the home.

Community Shelters – Community shelters consist of either 2 ultimate shelters set side by side or one-two mega shelters set side by side. Each ultimate shelter will hold approximately 14 people and each Mega will hold approximately 16 people according to FEMA’s requirements of 5 square feet per person.

Payment is due in full day of delivery.

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