Tornado Safety and Education

Understanding Tornadoes with Fain Storm Shelters

Here at Fain Storm Shelters, we’ve been safeguarding families for over three generations. But we believe in more than just providing shelters; we believe in educating our community about tornado safety.

Tornado Basics: What You Need to Know

Tornados are unpredictable and can be devastating, which is why understanding them is key.

Tornado Watch vs. Warning

Tornado Watch: This means be prepared! Conditions are ripe for a tornado.
Tornado Warning: Take action! A tornado has been spotted or indicated by weather radar.

Our shelters are built to last. Made right here in Jackson, Tennessee, our shelters are constructed with 6000 psi concrete, reinforced with wire mesh and rebar, and designed to withstand 250 mph winds. Your safety is our family’s promise to you.

Stay Safe and Informed
Knowledge about tornadoes and having a reliable storm shelter can save lives. For more information or to schedule a viewing, get in touch with us. Your safety is our priority.

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