Underground Concrete Storm Shelters

About Our Storm Shelters

We offer two different sizes of our underground models. All underground shelters come with a handrail on the inside and out, set of stairs and a door shock to aid in lifting the door. All Underground shelters are installed at a depth of 60″-68″ inches.

All of our shelters are precast in Jackson, TN. All shelters are poured with 6000 psi concrete & reinforced with wire mesh & rebar. All of our storm shelters include a 10-guage steel door with a 3 point latching system, indoor/outdoor carpet, and a thick white sealant. Our shelters have been tested at 250 mph winds. As a long-standing company, our units have been through and withstood the test of many tornadoes all over the South.

Deluxe Underground Storm Shelter

Deluxe Underground Storm Shelter

Height 5′ 10
Width 5′ 5″
Length 8′ 11″

Height 6′ 6″
Width 5′ 11″
Length 9′ 5″

Weight 13,200 pounds

Landscaping is not included.

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